american marrying korea

American marrying Korea

How to get married and get a F-6 marriage visa in Korea

If American wants to marry Korean there are some steps you has to go through by law

You have to report your marriage to Korean office ( 구청 )

To report your marriage , you need an Affidavit of Eligibility for Marriage from the US embassy in Korea

Please visit the website to check how to get the Affidavit of Eligibility for Marriage

US Embassy Click

The list for Korean Office ( 구청 )

  1. An Affidavit of Eligibility for Marriage

  2. A translated affidavit of eligibility for marriage

  3. Your passport , Alien card

  4. Korean ID for your spouse

  5. Application form 혼인신고서

Once you have done it , you can apply for the F-6 marriage visa in Korea

  1. Aapplication form 통합신청서(신고서)

  2. Passport

  3. Alien card

  4. 130,000 won

  5. A picture of you ( 3.5 cm X 4.5 cm )

  6.  Proof of marriage ( detailed )

  7. Basic certificate

  8. Family relation certificate

  9. A copy of resident registration

  10. Reference ( Korean spouse make , Max 2 years ) 신원보증서(한글)

  11. Invitation letter 외국인 배우자 초청장

  12. Background of marriage 외국인 배우자의 결혼배경 진술서

  13. Amount of income certificate ( Tax office issues / 소득금액증명원)

  14. Credit information ( )

  15. Proof of income

– Employee : Labor income withholding receipt ( 근로소득원천징수영수증)  , Working certificate

– Employer : Business registration certificate

16. Housing contract

If you submit all the documents to the immigration office , you will be able to get F6 visa within a month

If you still don’t know how to prepare all the documents , we can guide you all till you get all the right documents with small fee

American marrying Korea