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How to transfer to another hagwon on an E2 visa

Today I'd like to talk about how to transfer from current school to another school with E2 visa ​ If you move to another school you have to change your work place within 14 dayssince the first day of teaching ​ You can't apply for new E2 visa before you begin to teach ​

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E-7-4 visa points

March  15th, 2018 announced   Applicants will be selected by The higher point If have the same score, then law violations will be left out of The higher score of Korean abilities Close the due of visa Younger 【 Skilled Worker Points System (E-7-4) : Evaluation Items 】   □ Eligible Applicants: Foreign employees who

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Exchange of Foreign Driver’s License in Korea

How to exchange of foreign driver's license in Korea   It is not possible to drive in Korea with your driver's license issued in your country. However, a valid foreign driver's license granted by the responsible government authority can request for an exchange of their driver's license as follows.   Review fo the required documents

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F6 visa divorce

F6 visa divorce   There are 3 types of visa for married foreigners with Korean F6-1  who get married Korean F6-2 who divorced with Korean and have kids to raise F6-3  who divorced with Korean without her or his fault Many foreigners could face divorce not only in Korea but also everywhere people live But

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visa extension rejected Korea

What if your visa extension rejected in Korea   Generally, when you apply for your visa extension, Immigration office doesn't reject your visa extension if you have submitted all the required documents If you got rejected your visa extension, There are some reasons we can think of Please check your visa documents required if you have

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Transfer E7 visa

What is E7 visa ?         Transferring an E7 visa to another company directly is not easy If you haven't got your salary or you got assaulted then it might be possible I'd like to recommend you to change your E7 visa to D10 visa first Because if you fail to transfer

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