Check your D-8-4 visa point

OASIS Points System : Items and Points

Requirements for Start-up Visa ( D-8-4)

  • Associate’s degree( from Korea)/ Bachelor’s degree ( from a Foreign university ) + Corporation establishment + 80 or more points earned out of total 360 points ( at least one required item should be included

D-8-4 visa point check


  • If there are more than one inventors ( participants ) for intellectual property rights ( registered or applied for ) and start-up items ( OASIS-6 and OASIS-9) , the total points divided by the number of inventors ( participants ) are recognized only.
  • When more than two items are from the same category, they are counted as one ( example: 10 points are awarded even with the three design application cases )
  • OASIS courses can be individually enrolled ( However, participants cannot take OASIS-2 before OASIS-1 )

D-8-4 Start-up visa

  • Point chart

  • Prerequisite Items and Points(225 Points)

    At least one item is required
  • Elective Items and Points ( 135 Points )

    KIIP : Korean Immigration and Integration Program
    Did you invest 100,000,000 won as a capital for your company in Korea ?
    Associate's degree in Korea or Bachelor degree in foreign country