Visa consulting contract

  • F2-7 visa , E7-4 visa etc ,please select one visa
    Contract start date

    The beginning of the contract shall be the date on which the client has deposited the agreed amount.

    Term of contract
    F2-7 visa is 1 year and 7 days
    E7-4 visa is 6 months
    F6 visa is 1 year and 7 days

    Obligations of the Vision Administrative office
    The Vision Administrator will advise client on all the procedures needed in advance in order to get agreed visa.
    Vision Administrative Office should reply within 3 working days when client inquires by e-mail.
    The Vision Administrative Office will confirm the client's actions in order to obtain agreed visa, identify the possible locations and inform the client.
    The Vision Administrative Office does not disclose any personal information of clients that known during working.

    Termination of contract
    If the client receives the agreed visa before the expiration of the contract period, the contract will be terminated