E9 visa holders can have a loan with your credit only

Available nationalities from

Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Uzbekistan

Max loan 10,000,000 won

Interest rate per year : 10.15%~15%

How to repayment : level debt service

For example: if you have a 10,000,000 won with 20 months loan, then you pay back 500,000 won with interest every month for 20 months

Documents needed

  1. Employment certificate
  2. Income proof
    – Over one year of working experience : Labor profit source collection receipt ( 근로소득원천징수영수증 )
    – Less than one year of working experience with Labor profit source collection receipt ( 근로소득원천징수영수증 ) : Recent 3 month Salary slip ( 급여명세표 / Must have company official stamp )
    – Less than one year of working experience without Labor profit source collection receipt ( 근로소득원천징수영수증 ) : Recent 6 month salary slip ( 급여명세표 / Must have company official stamp )
  3. Alien Card
  4. A copy of Passport
  5. Standard labor contract

If you want to find how whether you can have a loan or not, you can send me some document as below then we can let you know
Employment certificate, Income proof, consent of individual information, client transaction confirmation

If you fax us with those 4 documents then we can find out how much you can get a loan


Consent of individual information click

Client transaction confirmation click

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License number : 37-00-00326

Phone number : 010-2081-3408


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