F-2-7 visa documents

  1. Visa fee : 130,000 KRW
  2.  Applicatin form ( download here )
  3. Your Passport & A copy of your passport
  4. Your ARC and a copy of both side of your ARC
  5. A picture of you ( a passport picture sized , should be within last 6 months )
  6. Original hard copy of Diploma ( BA , MA ,Phd ) & copy of them
  7. A certificate of TOPIK ( Valid for 2 years )
  8. Completion letter of KIIP
    – 0 level 15 hours
    – 1st level 100 hours
    – 2nd level 100 hours
    – 3rd level 100 hours
    – 4th level 100 hours
    – 5th level for permanent residency 50 hours ( F2-7 need to take this )
    – 5th level for Naturalization 70 hours ( F2-7 doesn’t need to take this )If you have TOPIK level one you can start from KIIP level 2If you have TOPIK level one you can start from KIIP level 2
    If you have TOPIK level two you can start from KIIP level 3
    If you have TOPIK level three you can start from KIIP level 4
    If you have TOPIK level four or five or six you can start from KIIP level 5

    Every KIIP level has exam , if you fail the exam you have to restart from the level you failed

    There are screen classes every level ( http://www.kisf.org/business/01_1.php)
    One teacher teaches 9 students at once / Each level has around 100 students
    Therefore It is very very competitive to enroll
    The class open daytime weekdays

    You can check offline classes www.socinet.go.kr
    You can buy materials here http://www.kisf.org/book/book.php

  9. Original employment contract & A copy of the contract
  10. A confirmation of volunteer ( minimum 50 hours per year , 6 times a year for last 3 years )
  11. Checked up with an original stamp of a receipt of earned income Withholding taxes
  12. Annual income taxes record ( If your annual salary is less than 40,000,000 KRW then You might not be able to get a point )

Very important information

= If you had any minor fine such as reporting delay for moving ,then your point will be deducted

= If you got a fine for reporting delay and your family has dependent visa on you then you will get their fine too

For example you have a wife and one kid ,then you get 3 fines which means you will be banned to apply for the F2-7 visa for 2 years

= If you hold a D2 or D10 visa and want to switch to F2-7 visa , then your salary neither income tax will be 0

= volunteer work  – you have to fill one year period

Even if you fill the time and hours you can fail if you don’t fill the period

= If you apply for F-2-7 visa from D2 or D10 visa, then the work condition has to meet the E7 visa condition

Sample of documents
 7. TOPIK certificate
8. KIIP completion
10. Volunteer certificate
11. Earned income withholding taxes