We are serving free visa extension for D2,D4 ,E2 , F1 and F4 visa holders

It is very easy to extend your visa through us

Just add our Kakao or wechat and send files through your phone

and wire us 60,000 won for government fee , That’s all you need to do for your visa extension

One thing, If you want to have your ARC the change written , then you can go any immigration office near you and ask them to write

Or you can send me your ARC to our office by mail then we will go to the immigration office and get your ARC written and send back to you

In that case, we will charge 20,000 won only

Even if you don’t have your ARC change, it is not illegal

We will send you a confirmation document and if you have it with you , you can prove it







We don’t charge anything but 60,000 won which is government fee ( 인지대 )


If you hold a F-1 visa then please check

F1-7 – apply for naturalization

F1-8 – elgal stay foreginer’s born in Korea children

F1-9 – F4 holder’s spouse and children

F1-11 –  H2 holder’s spouse and children

F1-12 – F2 holder’s spouse

F1-13 – minor overseas student’s parents

F1-15 – D2 holder’s parents

F1-71 – Korean- foreigner’s naturalization applicant’s spouse and children

F1-72  – Korean- foreigner’s residency applicant’s spouse and children