Immigration Deportation

Immigration Deportation

If you have ever done something wrong again Law such as drunken drive, Immigration officer will call you

It will be too late if you meet the immigration office without any preparation

Too late means, possibly you will get deported

Once you get deported, you will be restricted to come to Korea for years or forever

General entrance restrict

A criminal offense

Any case against immigration law as below

  • illegal work

  • work undesignated place

  • work without permission

  • work before getting permission

  • Overstay

  • hire someone who breaks the law above

  • smuggle

  • use someone else’s passport

Drunken driving

If anyone breaks the law above, Immigration office will ban the entrance one year or more

What if immigration office calls me as I broke the law?

I’d like to recommend you to have a consultation with a visa consultant

Once you get deported It will be very hard to come back to Korea even the entrance restrict period is over

Therefore, the best solution is ” solves the problem before too late “

68-1 departure order 46-1 immigration deportation

68-1 and 46-1 will bring same results which are deportation.

68-1 gives some time to prepare to leave the country but 46-1 doesn’t give any time to prepare to leave, if you get this, you will be in jail right away

You can check Korean version too

Immigration deportation

  • Please let me know the reason you got deported in detail
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Reason should be able to convince Korean embassy or Consulate
    We can offer you paid service, if we fail we pay you back all the fee

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