Naturalization Process Flow Chart
Naturalization Process Flow Chart (Article 4-7 Nationality Act) as of 2017. 2. 28.
Naturalization Process Flow Chart
(Immigration Office)
  • General, facilitated (including by marriage), or special naturalization
  • Submit application with required documents at a competent Immigration Office
    ※ Visit Hi Korea or call Immigration Contact Center (☏1345) for information on required documents
  • Minors may apply for concurrent acquisition of nationality when his/her parent applies for naturalization
Written Test and Interview
(Immigration Office)
  • Written Test: general, facilitated*, special naturalization applicants
    * Written test is waived for persons who have acquired Korean nationality by marriage (test is mandatory for persons whose marriage has been terminated)
  • Interview : general, facilitated and special naturalization applicants
  • Persons exempt from written test or interview is prescribed in Act 4 of the Enforcement Rule of the Nationality Act
    ※ Written test is waived for persons who have completed the social integration program and whose level of basic knowledge has been verified
Naturalization Requirements and Assessment
(Immigration Office)
  • For persons who have passed the written test and interview, investigation into his/her residence status may be conducted, if necessary
    – (Common) Examination of the applicant’s residence status, ability to secure livelihoods, criminal records etc.
    – (Adoptees) Assessment of the merits of adoption
    – (Naturalization by Marriage) Verification of the validity of marriage
  • The applicant’s written test and interview results will be taken into account when assessing his/her naturalization application
(Ministry of Justice)
  • Final decision is made on whether to approve naturalization application by examining the application, applicant’s identification and criminal records
Announcement and Notification
(Ministry of Justice)
  • Result published in the official gazette and notified to the applicant
  • Result notified to relevant agencies such as the Supreme Court (Family Register)
Renunciation of Foreign Nationality
(Immigration Office)
  • Renunciate foreign nationality within 1 year of acquiring Korean nationality or declare not to exercise foreign nationality
    – Eligibility for submitting declaration of the intent not to exercise foreign nationality is prescribed in Act 10 of the Nationality Act
    ※ Persons who have acquired Korean nationality by marriage may declare not to exercise his/her foreign nationality (persons whose marriage has been terminated must renunciate his/her foreign nationality)
Resident Registration
  • Competent Community Center

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