Simplified Naturalization (over 3 years of residence in Korea)
General Requirements
  • Must be legally adult according to the Korean Civil Law
  • Must have good conduct
  • Must have the ability to maintain their living based on their own assets / skills, or be a dependent member of a family that’s capable of supporting itself.
  • Must have basic knowledge befitting a Korean national; such as understanding of the Korean language, customs and culture
Additional requirements (according to Nationality Act Article 6-1)

– Foreigners meeting general requirements, have maintained domicile address in Korea for the past 3 consecutive years.

  • Those whose either parent have been a Korean national
    – At the time of his/her death
    – In the past, but have since abandoned it for a foreign nationality
  • Those born in Korea, whose either parent was also born in Korea.
  • Adopted children of a Korean national, who was of a legal adult age according to Korean Civil Law at the time of adoption.
Domestic Residential Requirements

According to Article 5 of Nationality Act Regulations, the requirement is as follows for the naturalization applicant to live in Korea

  • The residential period of naturalization applicants is defined as the continuous period of time spent in Korea after legal entry and foreigner registration. However, the following time spent overseas will be considered as part of their stay in Korea. However, this does not include time spent outside Korea
    – If the departure was made after receiving their re-entry permit, before the expiration of their current permission to stay; while re-entering before the date specified.
    – If they had to temporarily depart Korea to extend their stay, then re-entered Korea within 1 month with a new visa.
Application Center
  • Nationality Department of Immigration Office
    – Check the Immigration Office available for application → Click!!!
Required Documents
– Items subject to change depending on individual circumstances.
– Documents written in foreign languages need to be translated in Korean and notarized. Notarization will be exempted only for English and Chinese. (In this case, you must record name and contact number of translator.)
Common required documents
  • Naturalization Application form download Naturalization Application Form.hwp download Naturalization Application Form.pdf download Naturalization Application Form.doc: Attach 1 color photo (4cm x 5cm)
  • A copy of Passport
  • A Statement for Citizenship Application download A Statement for Citizenship Application.hwp download A Statement for Citizenship Application.pdf download A Statement for Citizenship Application.doc
  • Statement of Identity / A copy of Statement of Identity with photo attached download the Statement of Identity.hwp download the Statement of Identity.pdf download the Statement of Identity.doc
  • A copy of the foreign family registration or citizenship papers
  • Documents proving the applicant’s (or the family members’in the same household) financial sufficiency
    Applicants for Naturalization (Simple)
    1) Documents proving financial assets (deposit·installment savings·securities) worth upward of 30 million KRW
    2) Certificate of real estate registration worth upward of 30 million KRW at officially assessed land price or a copy of real estate lease contract indicating lease deposits of upward of 30 million KRW
    3) Certificate of employment or Certificate of expected employment
  • Proving documents of parents, spouse, children, marriage status or adoption of person who applied for naturalization
  • Documents issued by government of People’s Republic of China proving the person who applied for naturalization is Korean Chinese when his/her name is written in Korean pronunciation not in Chinese pronunciation
  • In case that the person who applied for naturalization specifies the date of birth newly, a certificate proving this fact issued by Embassy or consulate’s office of their original country.
  • Notice download Notice.hwp download Notice.pdf download Notice.doc
  • Fee: 300,000 KRW(Government Revenue Stamp)
Additionally required documents
  • – An individual whose either parent was a Korean in the past
  • The original copy of Chinese resident certificate and Chinese population certificate
  • A certificate of removal from family register of the applicable parent
    – Certificate of family relationship: Written proof of family relationship with those that are closer than first cousin on either side of the family. For example, transcript of removal from the family register, family tree, personal reference, or other documents of the like.
  • – An individual born in Korea whose either parent was also born in Korea
  • Certificate to verify the fact that the applicant and his/her either parent was born in Korea
    – Birth certificate, foreign family registration, etc
  • – An adopted child of a Korean national who was at the legal age of adult according to Korean Civil Law upon adoption.
  • Family register of either foster parent that shows that the applicant is adopted, adoption papers, or resident registration.
  • Adoption Description (prepared and signed by foster father)

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