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In South Korea, there are 36 type of visas and there are more than hundred visa types in detail. We always study new things and let our clients know what visa type they need to apply.

We also study how foreigners can stay longer in Korea or can change their visa status without any problem. We always try to be No.1 Licensed Administrative Agent of Immigration Office.

“ We are always proud of ourselves that if we can’t help our clients for visa issues then others might not be able to help either. Visa regulation rules are bound to change from time to time, so without studying everyday we can’t say we are the best.

Recent news

D8비자 특징 임원파견투자비자 중국 D8비자

July 2nd, 2021|0 Comments

D8비자 특징 임원파견투자비자 한국에서 받을 수 있는 투자비자는 D8비자로, 크게 4가지로 분류할 수있습니다. ​ 각각은 D-8-1(법인기업투자비자), D-8-2(벤처기업투자비자), D-8-3(개인기업투자비자),

캐나다 한국 투자비자 한국교포 D8비자

July 1st, 2021|0 Comments

캐나다 한국 투자비자 한국교포 D8비자  올해 들어, 유승준씨(스티븐 유)의 병역 면제를 목적으로 대한민국 국적을 포기한 후, F4비자(재외동포비자)를 신청하였으나

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