F-5 permanent residency visa is the best visa for foreigners
Once you get this visa, you have to come back to Korea once every two years in order to keep the visa
Also, you have to renew the visa every ten years
There are many ways to acheive the permanent residency visa
You can check what permanent visa you can apply for

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F-5 visa basic requirement

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  • F-5-1 : Those who have been in the Republic of Korea for more than 5 years (hereinafter referred to as “General Permanent Resident”)

  • F-5-2 : Spouse of Korean

  • F-5-3 : Minor children of Korean

  • F-5-4 : Spouse or minor child of holder of permanent residence (excluding occupancy of permanent residency)
    (Hereinafter referred to as “spouse or minor child of a normal permanent resident”)

  • F-5-5 : Investors who have invested more than $ 500,000 and employed at least five citizens (hereinafter referred to as “high-value investors”)

  • F-5-6 : Person who stayed more than 2 years as overseas Korean

  • F-5-7 : Foreign nationals who meet the requirements for acquiring nationality

  • F-5-8 : Overseas Taiwanese who born in Korea

  • F-5-9 : Person who holds a Ph.D. in high-tech industry and is employed by a domestic company (hereinafter referred to as “high-tech doctor”)

  • F-5-10 : Bachelor in high-tech industry, master’s degree in general field or above
    (Hereinafter “Bachelor, Master and Certificate Holder”)

  • F-5-12 : Those who have special merit in Korea (hereinafter referred to as “special merit”)

  • F-5-13 : People over 60 who are receiving pensions from abroad (hereinafter referred to as “pension beneficiaries”)

  • F-5-14 : 4 years or more of visiting employment ( H-2 visa )

  • F-5-15 : A person who is employed by a Korean company after completing a regular course at a graduate school in Korea and earning a Ph.D.
    (Hereinafter referred to as the “General Doctor”)

  • F-5-16 : Those who have stayed for more than 3 years as a resident of the score system ( F-2-7 visa ) (hereinafter referred to as “score permanent resident”)

  • F-5-17 : Person who has continuously invested for 5 years or more as a resident of real estate investment

  • F-5-18 : Spouse or Minor Children of a Pointed Permanent Resident (F-5-16) (hereinafter referred to as “Spouse or Minor Child of a Scored Permanent Resident”)

  • F-5-19 : Spouse or Single Child of Real Estate Investor (F-5-17) (hereinafter referred to as “Spouse or Single Child of Real Estate Investor”)

  • F-5-20 : Children of persons born in Korea who are permanent residents (hereinafter referred to as “national birth children of permanent residents”)

  • F-5-21 : Person who has continuously invested for more than 5 years as a resident investment in public utility business)

  • F-5-22 : Spouse of a utility public investor (F-5-21) or a utility retirement immigrant investor (F-5-23), or
    Unmarried children (hereinafter referred to as “spouse or unmarried children of public interest investors”)

  • F-5-23 : Retired immigrants who have invested in public utilities for more than five years and have domestic assets of more than 300 million (Hereinafter referred to as “public interest retired immigrant investor”)

  • F-5-24 : Person who attracted more than 300 million won of investment and hired 2 or more people as a technology start-up (D-8-4)
    (Hereinafter referred to as “Technology Startup Investor”)

  • F-5-25 : A person who has pledged to invest at least 1.5 billion won for more than 5 years (hereinafter referred to as “conditional large-scale investor”

  • F-5-26 : Person who has worked for more than 3 years as an essential professional manpower of R & D facility invested by foreigner
    (Hereinafter referred to as “research and development personnel of foreign-invested enterprises”)

  • F-5-27 : Person who has been in Korea for more than 2 years as refugee status visa