F-5 permanent residency visa is the best visa for foreigners
Once you get this visa, you have to come back to Korea once every two years in order to keep the visa
Also, you have to renew the visa every ten years
There are many ways to acheive the permanent residency visa
You can check what permanent visa you can apply for

Check for the points for F-5-11 visa

F-5 visa basic requirement

Click the type of visa to check the detail

  • F-5-6 : Person who stayed more than 2 years as overseas Korean

  • F-5-7 : Foreign nationals who meet the requirements for acquiring nationality

  • F-5-14 : 4 years or more of visiting employment ( H-2 visa )

  • F-5-27 : Person who has been in Korea for more than 2 years as refugee status visa