F-5-24 Residency visa


○ Requirement prescribed by the Minister of Justice, such as a person who has stayed in the Republic of Korea for more than three years with the status of a technology start-up investment (D-8-4) Equipped

F-5-24 Residency visa

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Requirements (must meet all of the following requirements)

○ You must have stayed in Korea for more than 3 years as a technology start-up (D-8-4) as of the date of application.

* A person who has obtained a bachelor’s degree or above in Korea, a person who has obtained a bachelor’s degree or more from abroad, or a person recommended by the head of a central administrative agency concerned. -8-4) ”

○ Invested more than 300 million won from domestic and foreign investors, or secured equivalent capital

※ Even if the sum of attracted investment capital and the capital of the corporation is 300 million or more

○ Employees must be employed full-time for at least two months prior to the application date.

Required Documents

  • Passport and a copy

  • ARC and a copy ( both sides )

  • Accommodation documents

  • Criminal background check

  • A copy of Business registration certificate, certificate of registration of all companies registered

  • Documents certifying that the investor has attracted more than 300 million won or equivalent capital (financial statements, statement of investment introduction, etc.)

  • Documents that show that you have been hiring two or more people for at least six months

    -List of subscribers of the four insurance companies and proof of income amount

    -Employment contract, regular employment certificate, etc.

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