※ If there are multiple selection items applied, all of them will be added together, but the score will be
If duplicated, only one high score is counted (but all points are added together)


-Annual Income: Based on GNI per capita of previous year announced by the Bank of Korea, and domestic income of applicant (except accompanying family, etc.)
-Domestic Assets: Includes all real estate and real estate under the applicant’s name, but only net assets excluding debts (debt default and debt checking by credit information inquiry)
-Education: Both domestic and foreign degrees are included, and only if already acquired (except acquisition)
※ Only domestic diplomas acquired after completion of the course of school recognized under Article 2 of the Higher Education Act are recognized.
-Basic knowledge: Participation in social integration program education or comprehensive evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Justice
-Letter of recommendation: Head of the Constitutional Authority, ministerial level in the central government, members of the National Assembly, head of the regional government
-Study abroad in Korea: Study at least 2 years in a Korean university and get a bachelor’s degree
※ If you study at a school * subject to your visa status (D-2)
* Schools of the Higher Education Act, Article 2, No. 1 to No. 4, schools of vocational colleges or higher (including night graduate school) established by special law, and polytechnical degree programs of Korea Polytechnics
-Performance of tax payment: Income tax paid at least annually over 4 million won for 2 years prior to the year the application date falls
Example) If the application date for permanent residence is 2018.1.1. Divided the total amount of tax paid until December 31, 2017 by 2
-Domestic stay: Legally stay in Korea for more than 3 years (total total stay period in the past)
-Community Service: Over 1 year in Korea
(Including activities for public benefit, appointed and commissioned as members of government or regional governments)
-Employment: In case of continuous employment of two or more nationals for six months or more as of the date of application
-Owning a home: owning more than 200 million Korean homes (owner’s own only, can be scored in duplicate with ‘domestic assets’)
-Management experience: Demonstrated more than 3 years of practical management experience as a representative of domestic and overseas businesses
-Accompanied family: The scope of companion family is limited to spouses and children, and stays in Korea for more than 6 months after alien registration.
-D-2-7 : Has to complete the degree without any problem
D-2-7 additional point can not be added to studying abroad in Korea)