How to keep D-10 visa

This information is for D10 visa holder who get from D2 visa
As a visa consultant , I have met many foreigners who want to keep their D10 visas
If you get the D10 visa from D2 visa then you should folow some rules
First, you get money from your parents through official Banks in Korea ( Do not use any exchange currency dealer )
Second , You keep applying for  jobs through for 6 months
Third, you have to submit your 6 months bank statement, So do not let anyone send into your bank account any illegal income
Fourth, You work as an intern after you get permission ( if the company wire you money before you get permission , you will be in trouble )

How to keep D-10 visa

Document list for D10 visa

  • Your passport and a copy of it

  • Your ARC and copy of it

  • 6 month bank statement

  • Bank certificate

  • Housing contract and a copy of it
    If your contract is over the period, you have to provide receipt of wiring utility fee or monthly payment

  • Confirmation of Residence (If you live in a friend of yours )
    Your friend ID card ( both sides )

  • Searching job Proof documents such as jobkorea’s application list or company business card where you had interview

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