F-5-1 document list

General permanent visaF-5-1


A person who has stayed in the Republic of Korea for more than 5 years as a person of residence (F-2) or status of residence from visa (D-7) to a specific activity (E-7) visa in Korea. You can apply.

F-5-1 general permanent visa

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○ Staying in Korea for more than 5 years from the date of application under the conditions of stay specified in the above

-Except for the period of stay in the past, each period of stay can be summed up in the case of a change of status between the statuses of residence specified in the above, without a full departure.

○ If the applicant is a business investment (D-8) resident, the previous two years (the previous year and the previous year of the application date) of the year to which the application date falls annual sales of 1 billion won or more

Example) If the application date for permanent residence is 2018.1.1. Calculation of results until ~ December 31, 2017

○ If the applicant is eligible to stay in trade management (D-9), the annual average export amount is at least 500 million won or the annual average sales is at least 1 billion won in the previous two years before the year to which the application date belongs.

-However, the installation, operation and maintenance of export facilities, supervision of ship construction and facility production, etc. shall be exempted.

○ Applicant has a bachelor’s degree or higher if he or she is eligible to stay in a specific activity (E-7).

All. Required Documents

○ D-7 : Employment certificate or Dispatch order

○ D-8, D-9 : Sales turnover or Export certificate

○ E-7 : Related degree etc

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