F-5-5 Residency visa


○ A foreign investor who has invested US $ 500,000 under the Foreign Investment Promotion Act and employs five or more citizens.

※ Not applicable to employees or employees other than investors

F-5-5 Residency visa

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1) Single Investor

○ The applicant must be a party to an employment contract employing at least five nationals directly for at least six months.

-If a citizen who has been employed once is applied to the number of employees of another permanent resident eligibility within six months before the application date, the citizen is excluded from the number of directly employed.

* Full-time employee refers to the form of full-time commercial employment, which is directly hired by the employer (single investor).

2) co-investors

○ Per investor, invest at least US $ 500,000 and employ at least five citizens in accordance with the Foreign Investment Promotion Act.

※ When calculating the number of people (more than 5), each citizen must be a different citizen

Required Documents

  • Passport and a copy

  • ARC and a copy ( both sides )

  • Accommodation document

  • Criminal background check

  • A certificate of Registration of a Foregin-Invested Enterprise copy , Certificate of registered corporate registration, business registration certificate

  • Proof of Employment

    – Insurance documents and proof of income amount

    -Employment contract, regular employment certificate, etc.

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