Basic requirements (language and culture)

Person who falls under any of the following is recognized as having basic requirements

end. Person who completed level 5 of social integration program

I. Those who scored 60 points or more on the comprehensive evaluation for permanent residence or naturalization

All. Obtained Korean Language Proficiency Test Level 4 or higher (only applicable to those who applied until 2019.3.31.)

※ However, those who complete the resident course at a Korean hospital as a professional occupation (E-5) applicant among F-5-1 applicants are considered to have basic proficiency when they have acquired Korean Language Proficiency Test Level 5 or above.

Review target

○ General Permanent Resident (F-5-1) and Spouse of General Permanent Resident (F-5-4)

○ Scored permanent resident (F-5-16) and spouse of scored permanent resident (F-5-18)

○ Bachelor’s, Master’s and Certificate holders (F-5-10)

Exemptions or Mitigations


○ Large Investor (F-5-5)

○ Birth Overseas Chinese (F-5-8)

○ Doctorate in Advanced Fields (F-5-9)

○ Capability holder in specific fields (F-5-11)

○ Special Merit (F-5-12)

○ Pension beneficiaries (F-5-13)

○ Doctor of general field (F-5-15)

○ Real Estate Investor (F-5-17)

○ Spouse or single child of real estate investor (F-5-19)

○ Children born in Korea permanently (F-5-20)

○ Public Investor General Investor (F-5-21)

○ Spouse or unmarried child of public utility investor (F-5-22)

○ Public retirement immigrant investor (F-5-23)

○ Technology Startup Investor (F-5-24)

○ Conditional Major Investor (F-5-25)

○ R & D personnel of foreign-invested companies (F-5-26)

○ A person who has applied for non-exempt permanent resident status as one of the following as of the application date

① Minor alien under civil law

② Those who have the requirements to be eligible for permanent residence under the exemption.


○ Those who have applied for permanent residence by March 31, 2019 will be recognized as having basic skills even if they have acquired Level 4 or higher on the Korean Language Proficiency Test.

-However, those who apply for permanent residence (F-5-1) permanent residence among those who apply for residency in a domestic hospital with professional occupation (E-5) status must obtain basic proficiency level 5 or higher. I admit that I had it

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