F-5-12 Residency visa 


○ Person who the Minister of Justice recognizes that Korea has special merit.

F-5-12 Residency visa

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○ Person who corresponds to any of the following

1) Contribute to national independence and development

(1) Persons who have been instructed or packaged for their contribution to national independence or national development, and their relatives or family members.

* Spouse and child of a national merit or a spouse and child of a person who has been specially naturalized as a direct descendant of the national merit

* A person who has completed a regular course at a domestic university and earned a bachelor’s degree or one year of employment, residency, investment or trade in Korea.

② Those who have been appointed for the government and local governments, etc. and have been active for public interest for more than 5 years

2) Contribute to improving international relations and international status

A person who has a background in the Republic of Korea as a member of a diplomatic mission or a consular post and has greatly contributed to promoting friendship or cultural exchange between the Republic of Korea and the sending country.

(2) A person who has a great achievement in improving the international status of the Republic of Korea by serving as the Secretary General or Deputy Secretary General of an international organization to which the Republic of Korea has joined.

③ Those who have contributed to the promotion of international exchange in the economic, social, cultural and scientific fields of the Republic of Korea.

3) Contribution to the social, welfare and employment sectors

① A person who has made a significant contribution to the social development of Korea in the field of social and welfare and has been recommended by the relevant minister.

② A clergyman who has volunteered for more than 5 years in the field of social and welfare and has greatly contributed to the development of the social and welfare field of Korea.

(3) Persons who have stayed in Korea for more than three years as an officer (auditor or director only) who has been dispatched to a foreign-invested company located in Korea by a foreign corporation that has invested US $ 5 million or more under the Foreign Investment Promotion Act.

※ Permanent residence is granted to one executive per ten citizens employed as a regular employee, but only permanent residence is granted to a maximum of ten executives per corporation.

* After ten executives have been granted permanent residence status, they must be filled with vacancies due to loss of status or return of permanent residence (F-5).

4) Contribution to national safety and social order

① A person who has contributed to the safety of the country by providing important information such as leakage of state secrets or high-tech industrial information, terrorism, etc.

② A person who has made a significant contribution to the discovery of international criminal organizations such as international trafficking, drugs, smuggling, forgery of passports, etc. and has been recommended by the chief investigator * of the investigative agency.

* Head of the agency in charge of central ministries such as National Intelligence Service, Prosecutor General, and Police Commissioner

5) Other field contributions

① Person who greatly contributed to the protection of life and property of the people from crime, disaster, disaster, accident, etc.

② Other persons who have greatly contributed to national development and national interests, such as cooperating with the national policies of the Republic of Korea, and who have been recognized by the Minister of Justice.

Required Documents

  • Passport and a copy

  • ARC and a copy ( both sides )

  • Accommodation documents

  • Criminal background check

  • Reason letter, certificate of lading (winner), document of merit, recommendation letter (applicant), other supporting documents, etc.
    (In case of a foreign-invested company, a certificate of registration of a foreign-invested company, a certificate of registration of all corporate registration details, a business registration certificate, a document of proof of regular employment of the employed nationals of employment (certification of income amount of the employed nationals, an employment contract, a list of subscribers of four insurance companies, a certificate of regular employment, etc.) ), Etc.)

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