F-5 Visa Common Documents

The following documents apply to all permanent statuses (required)

① Application for integration (including import receipt)

② Passport

③ Alien Registration Card

※ If you do not have an alien registration card, one passport photo taken within the last 6 months and a permanent residence fee will be added.

④ Documents to prove the place of stay

※ Documents to prove the place of stay, such as a “property lease agreement” or a “certificate for registration details” that are valid as of the date of application.

⑤ Foreign criminal record certificate

※ Those who can skip confirmation are excluded from submission unless otherwise required.

⑥ ID card (except for exemption)

※ Those applying for the following permanent resident status do not have to submit an identity certificate.

㉠ Real Estate Investor (F-5-17)

Spouse or minor child of real estate investor (F-5-19)

㉢ General Investor (F-5-21)

㉣ Retirement immigrant investor in public utilities (F-5-23)

Spouse or unmarried child of a utility investor (F-5-22)

Exemption from any of the following applicants

Ⓐ When a person applying for permission, etc. under Article 89 (mandatory application for permission, etc.) of a person who falls under subparagraph 1 of the Act applies.

Ⓑ Those who have entered Korea before the date of the establishment of the government (August 1, 1948) and who are staying with F-2 status

Ⓒ A person who is living as an existing resident (F-2) as a Japanese national of Korean

Documents Relating to Sustainable Living (Annual Income)

※ If it is impossible to issue A at the tax office at the time of application, submit all B ~ D.

A. Official documents related to tax payments, such as “ Certificate of Income Amount ” (issued by the Tax Office), including gross income and income tax paid

B. Earned Income Tax Withholding

C. Evidence of Account Received

D. Business (employer) and applicant confirmation

Proof of basic requirements (excluding submission of exemption)

※ Submit at least one of the following documents

(However, if the document has a validity period, it must be within the validity period at the time of application)

A. Certificate of Korean Immigration Permanent Eligibility Test

B. Certificate of Korean Immigrant Naturalization Qualification Test (Comprehensive Evaluation for Naturalization)

C. Certificate of Social Integration Program (Korea Immigration Permanent Eligibility Course)

D. Certificate of Social Integration Program (Korea Immigration Naturalization Program)

E Certificate of Korean Language Proficiency Test Grade 4 ~ 6

Basic Information on Applicant for Permanent Resident (F-5) Status (※ Completed by applicant)

※ In case of changing the status of residence of married immigrants and minor children of Korean citizens, the documents shall be in accordance with the following individual criteria (spouse of nationals (F-6) and minor children of foreign nationals (F-2-2)).

International Criminal History Certificate Requirements

Issuer and Content

○ This certificate is a public document issued by a competent authority that resides in the nationality (third country) of the applicant’s permanent resident status and includes all criminal history in the nationality (third country).

① The criminal record certificate issued by the Korean mission (except the Russian Embassy in Korea) not located in the country of nationality (third country) will be disapproved.

② If a separate institution or system for verifying criminal history in the home country is insufficient, it can be replaced with a certificate from the competent authority that has jurisdiction over the place of residence.

-(China) Recognition of “all documents (including police box issued) corresponding to proof of criminal record”

-In principle, a criminal record certificate (either issued directly by the FBI headquarters or through an FBI-accredited channeler) must be submitted. Acknowledge if issued

Certification procedure

○ The certification process differs depending on whether you have joined the Apostille Convention.

① Apostille member countries: Apostille confirmation of the country where the criminal record certificate is issued

※ If a member of the Apostille Convention does not receive an Apostille Certificate due to unavoidable reasons, the Korean Consulate may be allowed to check the consulate of the Republic of Korea.

② Countries that are not affiliated with the Apostille Convention: Confirmation of the consulate of the Korean mission in the country where the criminal record certificate is issued

※ In the case of China, however, the consular officer of the Republic of Korea in the country that issued the Criminal History Certificate must go through the “Notary of China Notary and Ministry of Foreign Affairs” certification.

○ You must omit the consular confirmation from the Korean mission but if you do not have an overseas diplomatic mission


○ Only issued within 6 months from the date of application for permanent residence

Other matters such as submission time

○ When applying for permanent resident status, submit original criminal record certificate and notarized translation *

* Fill in translator’s details and contact information and attach a copy of ID

Annual Income Requirements by Permanent Residency

  • Born in Korea, Taiwanese Koreane (F-5-8)

○ One of the following

-70% or more of GNI per capita in the previous year if there are 2 or less family members (spouse, parent, children);

However, if the annual income is not met, if the amount of real estate (including lease) of the family (spouse, children, applicant’s parents) who has lived together for one year on the date of application for permanent residence is more than 60 million won, We admit that we met requirements (※ family living irrespective of family)

  • Advanced Field Doctor (F-5-9)
    General field doctor (F-5-15)
    Bachelor’s, Master’s and Certificate holders (F-5-10)
    Professional Occupation (F-5-1) applicants

    Resident at a domestic hospital

    Those who complete the course

    Spouse or Minor Child of General Permanent Resident (F-5-4)
    Spouse or Minor Child of Pointed Permanent Resident (F-5-18)

○ GNI per capita last year

  • General permanent resident (F-5-1)
    Pension beneficiaries (F-5-13)
    Scoring Permanent Resident (F-5-16)
    R & D Manpower of Foreign-Invested Companies (F-5-26)

○ More than double GNI per person in previous year

However, among those who apply for F-5-1 status, those who complete the resident course at a domestic hospital with the status of professional occupation (E-5) should be at least GNI per person in the previous year.

  • ○ The following permanent resident status is exempt from annual income screening
    Specialty Ability Owner (F-5-11) Special Merit (F-5-12)
    Major Investors (F-5-5) Real Estate Investors (F-5-17)
    Public Investor General Investor (F-5-21)
    Technology Startup Investor (F-5-24) Conditional Major Investor (F-5-25)
    Permanent Resident’s Domestic Birth Child (F-5-20)
    Spouse or Single Child of Real Estate Investor (F-5-19)
    Spouse or Single Child of Utility Investor (F-5-22)
    Those who have graduated normally from the relevant degree program for studying abroad

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