Getting a F6 visa in Korea

Getting a F6 visa in Korea

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If you already have an Alien registration card , then you can change your visa to F6 marriage visa in Korea

It would take around a month to get the permission

You need some documents as below

  1. Passport and Alien registration card
  2. Application form ( Download )
  3. A picture of you ( 3.5 X 4.5 sized )
  4. Fee ( 130,000 Won )
  5. A family relation certificate ( 가족관계증명서 )
  6. A proof of marriage ( 혼인관계증명서 )
  7. Basic certificate ( 기본증명서 )
  8. A resident registration ( 주민등록등본 )  / the address in the form has to be matched with resident document
  9. A character reference ( Download ) / this has to be filled by Korean spouse
  10. Invitation form ( Download ) / this has to be filled by Korean spouse
  11. Marriage detail form ( Download ) / this has to be filled by foreign spouse

▲ Documents related to income ( Download )  / 17,082,582 KRW per year

-Both invitees and invitees can be added together

○ When using earned income-Withholding tax receipt (issued by the office), employment certificate or career certificate

○ When using business income-Business registration certificate (except agriculture, forestry and fisheries),

Other Certificates (Agricultural Support Department, Member Certificate)

▲ Housing documents

– Lease contract, certified copy of the real estate register (original), etc.

▲ Language document

-Korean Language Proficiency Test score, Korean language course completion certificate, etc.

-A written statement made by the inviter if there is no proof document (no special format)

*** Additional Documents

▲ Application for Supplementary Income Requirements by Family Income and Property

– If you and your spouse can’t prove income and live in parent’s house , you can submit parents’ income too

Foreign spouses who are subject to the International Marriage Information Program

China, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Mongolia, For foreign spouses of Uzbekistan and Thai nationality,

The following documents must be submitted together with the basic documents.

▲ Credit Information Inquiry-Applicant (Korean spouse) only, issued by National Bank Federation

Issuance procedure (2 types)

① Access to Credit Forum (, a credit information viewing site.

Issue a credit report after going through the verification process with a public certificate

② Issuance of National Bank Federation Visit

Certificate of criminal record-Both parties to the marriage

① All criminal history within the country should be included

② The certificate must have been issued within three months from the date of application for visa issuance.

▲ Medical certificate

Both parties should include infections of specific items such as mental illness, sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.

-Only a certificate issued within 6 months from the date of application for visa issuance

** You need to make a picture documents , you download pictures you two took and chatting history jpg files put them in a doc file together ( 30 pictures will be enough )

** You need to make a document which explain where you two meet and go together 

If you don’t have an ARC and stay in Korea then you can apply for the F6 visa in Japan , check the information