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F-5-11 Permanent Residency Visa

Points System for Permanent Resident (F-5-11) Status ☐ Overview Provide a Permanent Resident (F-5-11) status to the persons with exceptional capabilities in such fields as science, business management, education, culture and arts, sports, etc. ☐ Eligible Applicants Persons who meet the qualifications required by at least one of the "Compulsory Items" of the table below

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F-2-7 visa service

F-2-7 long-term residency visa service What is an F-2-7 visa? F-2-7 visa is a long-term residency visa in Korea. F-2-7 visa holders do not need any sponsorship, therefore they can work at any places even part-time jobs such as tutoring. Normally It takes one year or more to prepare to be qualified to apply for

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F-2-7 Long-term Residency visa

F-2-7 Long-Term Residency Visa Point result will be sent to your email  Am I eligible for the F-2-7 Long-term Residency visa? To get the F-2-7 visa , you must; have an eligible visa status Eligible visa to apply is one of  E-1, E-2, E-3, E-4, E-5, E-6 ( E-6-2 excluded ), E-7( E-7-4

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