Today I’d like to explain “How to make D-8 visa

1.Foreign investment notification

You should come into Korea with a C type visa

Once you arrive Korea, you have to go to a Bank

You can go to any bank, But I’d like to recommend you to go to Industrial Bank of Korea as they deal with companies a lot

2. Investment Capital Remittance

You have to go back to your country and make a remittance to the bank in Korea

How to make D-8 visa

3.Incorporation Registration

Once you get capital in the bank account, then you have to build a company

You prepare all the documents and go to Registration Bureau

Seoul registration bureau

Once you build a company then you have to open a business registration

4. Business registration

You have to go to tax office then open a business registration

5. Transfer of paid-in-capital to the corporate account

If you make a business license, you can transfer your capital to the company bank account

So, you need to go to the bank you opened the account and ask a banker to transfer your capital to the company bank account

6. Foreign-invested company registration

When you finish the transfer, you need to register Foreign-invested company registration

If you do this, then most of the work is done

Finally, the most important work is left

7. Apply for a D-8 visa

You go to the immigration office and apply for your D-8 visa, It will take around weeks to issue your visa

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us

When you apply for D-8 visa, There are many steps to go through

Therefore, all of the foreign investors ask Visa agency such as Visa Expert.

That makes the foreign investors save money and time.

Many visas can be done by visa applicants but D-8 visa is not easy one to do that

Even Korean people ask agencies to do this, that is the reason we made this

How to make D-8 vsia blog

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