F-2-7 long-term residency visa service

What is an F-2-7 visa?

F-2-7 visa is a long-term residency visa in Korea.

F-2-7 visa holders do not need any sponsorship, therefore they can work at any places even part-time jobs such as tutoring.

Normally It takes one year or more to prepare to be qualified to apply for the visa.

Sometimes people give up on the visa because it is complicated to prepare.

Therefore We would like to offer you professional consulting to make things quicker and easier.

 F-2-7 visa service

What is our service for the F-2-7 long-term residency visa

F-2-7 visa consulting service

We will guide everything you need in advance to achieve an F-2-7 visa for one year ( our service last for one year or till the time you achieve the F2-7 visa )

Why is the guide so important to get the F-2-7 visa?

Most our clients believe that documents they are preparing and the points they checked are right,
But unfortunately, Many of them have wrong information, therefore they waste time to preparing documents what they don’t need, also they don’t prepare documents what they need.

Once you get the F-2-7 visa you can have a lot of benefits, If you get it slowly then you will get the benefit slowly too or never get the benefits.

We will bring the visa much faster

You have all the documents setup but no time to submit it, then please use our service.

We go to the immigration office on the behalf of you, submitting documents is not everything, you have to go there 3 or 4 times, We will do that for you.

Even you get the visa 3 or 4 months faster, you can earn much money

Also, you  can be no longer hostage of E-2 or E-7 visa etc

Do not bother anything yourself, we will design your visa.

We are Visa experts

We speak Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese

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If you need our professional service, please fill this form out as below

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