F-2-7 Long-Term Residency Visa

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Am I eligible for the F-2-7 Long-term Residency visa?

To get the F-2-7 visa , you must;

  • have an eligible visa status

Eligible visa to apply is one of  E-1, E-2, E-3, E-4, E-5, E-6 ( E-6-2 excluded ), E-7( E-7-4 excluded ), D-5, D-6, D-7, D-8, D-9, D-10 visas 

** D-2 visa and D-10 visa holders must have Master degree in Korea and have been confirmed to work for companies with from E-1 to E-7 visa qualification, then they can apply for the F-2-7 visa with D-2 or D-10 visa **

Why go for the F-2-7 long-term residency visa ?

  1. You are eligible to apply for the F-5-16 visa ( permanent-residency visa ) after 3 years since you got issued the F-2-7 visa.

  2. You don’t need any sponsorship
    – you can apply for being a TV entertainer, it is legal to get money from Broadcast company
    – You can have tutoring and receive the tuition fee
    – You can open your own company 

  3. Your spouse can get the F-2-7 visa if you can meet the income qualification

Is that easy to find a job with the F-2-7 visa?

Yes, It is much easier to secure a job if you hold the F-2-7 visa.

Many companies have to sponsor an E-7 visa for the foreign employee. but the process is complicated for the employer always

Also, Immigration office evaluate the company for the E-7 visa and many of companies are not qualified for sponsorship.

Therefore, Companies much prefer to hire F-2- visas even they pay more.

I think I have got enough points, and is that easy to get the visa?

It is not easy to say “Yes” because of the way to see the points is different between Immigration officers and applicants

Sometimes, Immigration officers don’t count points of documents because documents applicants prepared are not right.

I have my original diploma with me, is that ok?

You have to get it translated in Korean or English , after that, you have to get it apostilled or notarized

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We made a person to make an example

If you don’t know how to make your points, please check the example, it will help you to calculate your points

ExampleCondition Point
General pointsAge 2823
Bachelor's degree majored in Arts26
Grade 518
Annual Income
25Million won
Extra pointsKIIP Complete10
Domestic Volunteer Activities 1 year1

F-2-7 Long-term Residency visa

Point chart

age for F-2-7 visa

Level of Education for F-2-7 visa

For example, If you majored in English at an univ and majored in Korea at another univ, then your points will be 28 points

Korean language ability for F-2-7 visa

If you have TOPIK level 4, then you can start KIIP from Grade 5

annual income for F-2-7 visa

The annual income is calculated by earned income withholding taxes

Extra points

extra points 1 for F-2-7 visa

For KIIP, you can get 10 extra points when you complete the 50 hours or 70 hours of grade 5 KIIP

extra points for KIIP

Domestic volunteer activities- You have to find a government-sponsored group for the volunteering

Minus points

minus points for F-2-7 visa

Total 125 points

F-2-7 ( Long-term residency visa ) 2020 EN

  • Point chart

    Date of Birth on Passport ( One's age is calculated on the date of evaluation )
    Degree or Graduation Certificate ( for high school graduates only )
    KIIP level and TOPIK level is equal
    ∙ Taxable income amount for the most recent year listed on the latest proof of income amount that can be submitted (issuance of a tax office) Is considered as annual income ∙ As a person who has worked for a listed company on the stock market (KOSPI) or KOSDAQ (including going to work) The amount equivalent to the annual salary stated in the employment contract, except when it is impossible to submit proof of income Calculate annual income ∙ 0 points if you do not submit your income statement, unemployed, or below the minimum wage Minimum wage of 2021 - 1,822,480 won
  • Extra Points Criteria

    (Participating Nationals for Korean War ) Related organizations (education) as outstanding talents (GKS government invited students, etc.) from the Korean War participating countries (22 countries) Foreigners who have received recommendations from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and National Veterans Affairs)
    (Recommended by the government) Foreigners recommended by the head of the central administrative agency under the Government Organization Act ☞ The recommended official documents must be submitted to the Immigration Office, Foreign Affairs Office (office, etc.) and the Ministry of Justice (Residence Management Division) submitting the application. The name, date of birth, nationality, reason for recommendation, and period of recommendation (recommended date) Valid for up to 3 years), contact information of the person in charge and the issuer
    ∙ Completion of KIIP program: The certificate of KIIP program issued by the head of the immigration office under the 「Guidelines for the Operation of KIIP Program」 (For more details, refer to the KIIP Network www.socinet.go.kr)
    (Excellent University) Times Higher Education (www.timeshighereducation.com), QS Selected by the top 500 universities and the Minister of Justice, selected by (www.topuniversities.com) Undergraduate (for those with a degree) ※ If you have completed your bachelor's, master's, or doctorate degrees, or if you have a degree from a domestic university selected as one of the top 500 universities In case of case, only the highest grade point (excellent university grade point) is given ∙ (Domestic University in Korea) A formal degree awarded by completing a regular course ※ Only the highest points are awarded if you have obtained both a bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees
    ∙ Domestic Volunteer Service Activity: Certificate of social service activity issued by public organizations or social organizations (total of activities for the past three years and recognized at least six times a year for a total of more than 50 hours)
  • Minus points

    ∙ Criminal career inquiry system, immigration information system, etc. (Applies only violations within 3 years as of the application date)
    The accompanying family member or invitee 1. You are illegally staying 2. Over 1 million won within the last 3 years Have been fined, 3. Recommendation of departure, order, and forced eviction In the case of fines and fines, in principle, only violations within the last 3 years from the date of application are evaluated. ☞ However, all violations are assessed for a period not exceeding the penalty period. ∙ Excluding fines
    In the case of fines and fines, in principle, only violations within the last 3 years from the date of application are evaluated. ☞ However, all violations are assessed for a period not exceeding the penalty period. ∙ Excluding fines

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