What is KIIP Korea?

KIIP stands for Korean Immigration and Integration Program ( 사회통합프로그램 )

Why go for the KIIP ?

KIIP is necessary for F-2 visas, F-5 visas and Korean citizenship

If you complete KIIP you can get 28 points for F-2-7 visa

If you are not confident to TOPIK, then you should try KIIP

Who is eligible for KIIP?

  • All immigrants who legally reside in Korea, including ethnic Koreans with foreign nationalities, International students, foreign workers, marriage migrants, refugees, high-skilled foreign professionals, etc.

  • Naturalized Koreans who have acquired Korean national within the past 3 years.

KIIP has 6 levels and there are only 3 terms per year so you can achieve three levels for one year

If you have

TOPIK level 1, you can start from level 2 of KIIP

TOPIK level 2, you can start from level 3 of KIIP

TOPIK level 3, you can start from level 4 of KIIP

TOPIK level 4 or 5 or 6, you can start from level 5 of KIIP

Oh.. there are two types of level 5, which one should I take?

There are 2 types of Level 5, one is for 50 hours and the other one is for 70 hours

50 hours is for residency visa and 70 hours is for citizenship ( naturalization )

Depends on your purpose, you can choose one

What if I don’t have TOPIK or already have TOPIK?

If you don’t have TOPIK level you have to take a pre-test before enrolling the class

If you already have TOPIK level you can go to the immigration office in your area and get exemption of the pre-test

Oh..Good news, I got my TOPIK 3 years ago, Is that OK?

Sorry No, It is valid for 2 years only

Check the contact number of immigration office Click

Or you can visit hikorea directly Click 

How many hours each level of KIIP?

Level 0 – 15 hours

Level 1 – 100 hours

Level 2 – 100 hours

Level 3 – 100 hours

Level 4 – 100 hours

Level 5 – 50 or 70 hours

Oh…My God, I failed the level 3, If you fail the level you can take it again and mostly you will get the certificate

From level 4, there is a middle test, once you pass the middle test you can complete the level

Oh…My God again, I skipped one class, is that a problem? It will be fine if you fill 80% of the level

Is that true? enrolling KIIP is really competitive, YES, that is true, most classes are full of applicants within a few minutes.

Pre-evaluation (사전평가)?

That is an evaluation to assign classes

It is held saturdays

The evaluation is consist of 60 min writing and 10 min speaking

Speaking test goes in numerical order, So it could take a long time to have 

It starts from 1 pm on saturday

Where are the institute?

Please check the institutes 

KIIP process

Procedures for KIIP 
1. Applying for program 2. Pre-test for basic
3. Assigning an appropriate
level and classes
Immigration & Social ⇨
Integration Network
Designated place Local immigration office
4. Confirming pre-test result, classes, and level5. Applying for an
educational institute
6. Assigning an
educational institute (adjustment)
Immigration & Social ⇨
Integration Network
(My Page)
Immigration & Social
Integration Network
(My Page)
Upper-level educational
institute managing other
educational institutes
7. Education program
8. Course of Korean
Language and Korean
Culture starts
9. Applying for
mid-term test (KIIP-KLCT)
Each educational
Level test after the
course is completed
(administered by
upper-level educational
institute managing other
educational institutes)
Immigration & Social
Integration Network
(My Page)
10. Mid-term test (KIIP-KLCT)11. Course of Understanding Korean Society starts12. Consultation for
nationality • sojourn
Designated placeEach educational
Local immigration office
13. Applying for final test (KINAT) 14. Final test (KINAT)15. Issuing a program completion certificate
Immigration & Social
Integration Network
(My Page)
Designated placeImmigration & Social
Integration Network
(My Page)

Online KIIP?

I don’t have time to go,  Is there any way I can take KIIP?

There are online classes, each class is limited to 9 students only

These classes have a schedule which you really have to show up on time

These online classes are really competitive too

To take these classes, you need to have internet access, A headset or Mic and A webcam

Also, you have to register in Korea immigration service funcation ( 한국이민재단 )

Let’s get started to register for off line claases

Please Click ” 회원가입 ” which means register


After click ” 회원가입 ”  you can select Korean or English language

KIIP Korea

Once you select Korean or English, you can select one of nine languages to register

KIIP registration

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