What we do well

Immigration illegal act evaluation

We help foreigners who are facing to the immigration illegal act evaluation and will be deported 

Restrict of entrance into Korea

We help foreigners who are banned to enter into Korea

We guarantee help to get F-2-7 or refund the agency fee.

Investment visa( D-8-1)& venture investment(D-8-2) personal company intestment(D-8-3)consulting agency.


We help foreigners get Korean citizenship.

E-7-1 visa consulting agency

We help companies hire employees to get visas for them.

We help people to get permanent-residency visa with ease.

We help E-9 visa holders to get the E-7-4 visa .

F-6 visa consulting

If you do not know how to bring your wife to Korea, we are here to help you.

Visa extension agency & Visa change

We help foreigners who want to extend visas or change visas.

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