F-5-17 F-5-19 Residency visa


○ A person who is recognized as required by the Minister of Justice for staying in Korea for more than 5 years after receiving an F-2 visa as a real estate investment visa and his or her spouse and children (required by the Minister of Justice) Children only)

F-5-17 F-5-19 Residency visa

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1) Real estate investor [F-5-17]

○ At the time of application, you will continue to invest for more than 5 years as a real estate investor (F-2) (※ focus on ‘investment’ rather than ‘stay’ for more than 5 years)

* In the case of reacquisition (F-2) status of residence (F-2) after complete departure (expiration of alien registration), the sum of the maintenance period before departure and the retention period after reacquisition

○ If the investment requirement is lost in the meantime, the period of maintaining the investment status is calculated by adding up the previous holding period from the point when the investment requirement is recovered.

○ Maintain investment status for more than 5 years without losing investment requirements such as lease and security of investment facility

○ Applicable even if the sum of the period invested in the real estate investment immigrant system and the period invested in the public service investment immigrant system (transitional investment) is 5 years or more.

2) Spouse of real estate investor (F-5-17) [F-5-19]

○ A person who has lived as a spouse of a real estate investor (F-5-17) for five years or more.

○ The applicant’s spouse must be a permanent resident (F-5-17).

3) Unmarried children of real estate investors (F-5-17) [F-5-19]

○ A person who has been living as an unmarried child (F-2) of a real estate investor for more than five years.

○ At the date of application, the applicant’s father or mother must be a permanent resident of a real estate investor (F-5-17).

Required Documents

  • Passport and a copy

  • ARC and a copy ( both sides )

  • Accommodation documents

  • Criminal background check

  • Documents demonstrating that the investment is maintained, such as a certified copy of the real estate register
    (issued within the last 5 days prior to the application date)

  • Proof of Family Relations (spouse or single children)

  • Proof of Unmarried (Unmarried Children Only)

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