F-2-7 visa got it in Suwon


Yesterday I got F-2-7 visa in Suwon for my client

It took a month to get it issued

When she contacted me, She didn’t know about documents for the visa

So, I sent her samples and all the list she needs to prepare

It took only one day she prepares all the documents.

So, I got her documents in front of her company and submitted all the documents 

In a week, I visited the Suwon immigration office to get a list of documents she needs to prepare.

And I got the documents from her, Actually, most of the documents were all ok but the immigration office was not her picture and a document which were a little vague 

Anyway, It took a few hours to prepare because those documents were not difficult to prepare

So, I had to visit the immigration office again which is the third time.

Finally, the immigration officer told me that she is good to get the visa and they will issue her new ARC within a month

After 3 weeks since they confirmed her documents, I called the immigration office in Suwon to check whether her ARC has been issued or not

And I got a good news that her ARC is ready, So I went to the immigration office and got her ARC

After done, Finally, I gave her ARC,

So,  F-2-7 visa got it in Suwon for her

All the process, What she is done was to step out of office and gave me all the documents.

I’m really happy to help her to get her the F-2-7 visa 

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F-2-7 visa got it in Suwon

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