F6 visa divorce


There are 3 types of visa for married foreigners with Korean

F6-1  who get married Korean

F6-2 who divorced with Korean and have kids to raise

F6-3  who divorced with Korean without her or his fault

Many foreigners could face divorce not only in Korea but also everywhere people live

But if you want to keep living in Korea, then should divorce wisely

Depends on how you divorce, you could keep living in Korea or you have to leave Korea

First, If you divorce under agreement, you can stay in Korea until your ARC expired

but after the expire, you have to change your visa or leave Korea.


There are 2 options you can continue the visa indefinitely.

First, you have to have kids to support which is called ” custody ”

If you have the custody then you have stay in Korea indefinitely


Second, the divorce was not your fault you can continue the visa indefinitely too

But It has to be proved by official paper.

Immigration office sees the decision letter of court.

If there is a little change to put your fault then it might not work


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