Food delivery business investment visa

This is the case when the investment amount is too small, so we pay more attention to it.

In general, they invest 100 million and spend about 70 million won and apply for an investment visa.

However, in this case, since it is a business that only delivers Chinese food, there is no need for a separate interior cost.

In addition, I applied for a visa without paying the rights fee and spending nearly 15 million won by renting only a small space.

As a result, I have prepared additional documents in addition to the necessary documents.

As I applied for a visa on my behalf, I explained various situations and left my phone number and returned.

From the point of view of the immigration officer, if the investor does not speak Korean well, it is difficult to contact them, so they do not contact us well, and there are cases in which we review only on paper and do not give permission.

To eliminate that risk, you have left my phone number and asked to contact me.

A week after applying for the visa, I was contacted, explained again, and submitted additional documents.

Fortunately, there were no problems with the additional documents, so the visa was issued in 3 weeks.

Basic documents for investment visa

  • Visa issuance approval application

  • 1 passport photo (3.5 X 4.5)

  • Copy of identification number

  • Office rental contract

  • Dispatch order

  • Certificate of Employment

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