Korea University side dish vendor investment visa

I am an investor who wants to open a hand mandu and side dish store near Korea University.

First of all, it is a case where the deposit itself is small and there is no right money.

In general, when you run a restaurant, there are many women, so in general, if the investor is a woman, you see that you can eat yourself, and you usually see a lot of documents.

However, when a man runs a restaurant, especially a side dish store, the screening process will be in more detail.

In this case, I wonder if he can make and sell side dishes well, but the investor was still in a situation where he was preparing a lot and proceeding, so he did not worry even if he did a close examination.

But the problem was that out of the 100 million investments, there weren’t that many actually invested.

In the case of a general restaurant, it is expensive because you have to purchase the necessary tables and chairs for interiors, but for investors, it is a side dish store, so customers usually buy side dishes or deliver them.

Also, the size of the side dish store was very small, so the investment itself was not necessary.

And the other thing is that this person’s funds were deposited through Hong Kong.

Although Hong Kong or mainland China is viewed as China, for Chinese people, sending money to Hong Kong is the same standard as exporting foreign currency, so if money is deposited through Hong Kong at immigration, it is difficult to see it in China. Documents are reviewed.

In this case, the process went through a close examination, and the immigration officer came directly to the store, and the investor asked to come back to the immigration department, and the immigration investigation was conducted with me.

After going through the detailed examination, the visa was issued about a week later.

Basic documents for investment visa

  • Visa issuance approval application

  • 1 passport photo (3.5 X 4.5)

  • Copy of identification number

  • Office rental contract

  • Dispatch order

  • Certificate of Employment

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