Dispatch of representatives from Korea Representative Liaison Office

In the case of the above companies, the legal headquarters is in Singapore, 
but the actual headquarters is in China. 
Therefore, it is the case that all the dispatched employees are from China.

Since the new representative is also an employee dispatched from China, 
it took more time and documents to prove the relationship 
between the Singapore headquarters and the Chinese company.

In addition, in this case, since there was an existing representative
 and the new representative is in China, 
we also took charge of changing the representative of the contact office.

In the case of the change of representative of the liaison office, 
the appointment letter was notarized and submitted because the appointment letter is the most important.

And after changing the representative first, I applied for a visa, 
got a visa, and entered the country.
  • Visa issuance approval application

  • 1 passport photo (3.5 X 4.5)

  • Copy of identification number

  • Office rental contract

  • Dispatch order

  • Certificate of Employment