Taiwanese Invetment Visa

An investor who wants to do bubble tea in Busan visited us.

We are in Seoul and asked if it is possible to go to Busan, but we explained that it is possible because Jeju Island is also possible.

This person signed a contract with the store on the second floor, and asked for understanding that I would talk to the current store owner in advance and transfer the sales report.

In addition, since the investment was deposited and the investor entered Korea, they were given a break restaurant education and received a health certificate in advance.

And I went down to Busan and went to the ward office, tax office, and Kookmin Bank together with investors in one day, so that I could receive all of the business report, business registration, and foreign-invested company registration at once.


In this case, the problem is that while receiving the transfer of the business report, the contents of the existing business were transferred as it is.

Originally, it was a bubble tea, so I had to do another business, but the tax office thought it was a business transfer and I just made it and I couldn't confirm it.

Of course, it is possible to modify it, but it has already happened and I have prepared additional documents to apply for a visa.

Currently, I am waiting for a visa, and I think it will come out without difficulty
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