Gangnam foreign patient attraction investment visa

In the case of foreign patient attraction business, it is also a field in which Chinese people generally invest heavily.

However, unlike the establishment of a general corporation, it takes a long time to obtain permission, so many Chinese-speaking administrators are sought.

In order to engage in a foreign patient attraction business, you must register as a foreign patient attraction business after the establishment of a general corporation. To draw, you must subscribe to a guarantee insurance.

Even after signing up for guarantee insurance, it takes a little longer than incorporation, which takes about a month longer.

Later, you can submit your foreign patient attraction business registration card to the tax office and get your business registration card reissued.

The person who requested us was the case that the visa was initially processed through another administrative agency, but the visa was not granted and requested to us again.

At the immigration, this is the case when he came to Korea with the investment, but was suspicious of whether he was willing to do business by investing, so once again he found out that a foreign investor visa is not easy.

Of course, incorporation and foreign investment visas come to us because someone else has done so and failed, but I still thought that it was not easy.

It is more difficult to do the second time if you do not have a foreign investment visa.

So, as a case where it is necessary to look more closely, first of all, it is necessary to check the investment money in China rather than the activities in Korea.

It is necessary to check how money came into Korea from China and how the investment was used.

If there is no problem with the investment funds, you should check the details of the investment funds used in Korea and confirm your activities as a foreign-invested corporation.

After all that process is over, you can apply for a visa and get a visa without difficulty.

Basic documents for investment visa

  • Visa issuance approval application

  • 1 passport photo (3.5 X 4.5)

  • Copy of identification number

  • Office rental contract

  • Dispatch order

  • Certificate of Employment