Namdaemun children’s clothing clothing sales and purchasing agency investment visa

An investor who requested an investment visa is currently holding a student visa and operating a business.

It was very difficult to say that you actually do a purchasing agency business because you shouldn’t have a student visa and you are trying to do it all of a sudden.

So, in the end, the immigration department decided to visit the office.

In the case of an investor, although it is a student visa, I am an administrator who can speak Chinese because I cannot speak Korean well, so I worked with me as an interpreter.

In the investigation department, even after visiting the office, I asked various questions and still did not want to grant my visa, so it was difficult to submit various documents.

If there are many things that are really difficult for an investor to prove, it is easier to proceed with the investigation by the investigation department.

So, when applying for a visa from the beginning, it is a way to increase the speed of work by proactively telling us that we want the investigation department to go through the screening as soon as possible so that the visa is approved as soon as possible.

In this case, if the administrator’s experience is that it must come out of the investigation department, there is no need to delay the time at all, so I think it is the know-how of an experienced administrator to make an active request so that the investor can work as soon as possible.

Basic documents for investment visa

  • Visa issuance approval application

  • 1 passport photo (3.5 X 4.5)

  • Copy of identification number

  • Office rental contract

  • Dispatch order

  • Certificate of Employment