Today I’d like to talk about how to transfer from current school to another school with E2 visa

If you move to another school you have to change your work place within 14 dayssince the first day of teaching

You can’t apply for new E2 visa before you begin to teach

There are some documents you must bring to immigration office to change your work place

You can download forms here Form Download CLICK

1. Your passport and a copy of the passport

2. Your ARC and a copy of the ARC

3. Application form ( there are 2 places you have to sign on the form )

4. Employment Alteration Report ( teacher has to sign on it )
5. Utilize plan lecturer letter ( This has to be written by school onwer / 강사활용계획서 )
6. Original contract and A copy of the contract

7. A copy of business license ( 사업자등록증 사본 )

8. A copy of school establishment license ( 학원설립운영증 사본 )

9. Prove of employment ( 재직증명서 )

10. School current state ( 학원현황표 )

11. Confirmation of accommodation ( if the housing contractor is not you )
12. Housing contractor’s ID copy ( both sides )

13. Original housing contract and a copy of the housing contract

14. Signed power of attorney ( if you want us to apply for your new E2 visa )

15. Teacher’s teaching schedule

16. Immigration fee 60,000 won and our fee

17. A letter of release ( if you move to new school before finishing your previous contract )

Immigration office might ask these ( optional )

18. Current teachers’ list ( Name , Nationality , ARC number )

19. Labor income origin collection receipt ( 근로소득원천징수영수증 )

If you ask us to change your work place, then you don’t need to go to the immigration office

We can do only Immigration offices in Seoul

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