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visa extension rejected Korea

What if your visa extension rejected in Korea


Generally, when you apply for your visa extension, Immigration office doesn’t reject your visa extension if you have submitted all the required documents

If you got rejected your visa extension,

There are some reasons we can think of

  1. Please check your visa documents required if you have submitted all
  2. Please check if you have any unpaid taxes, It could make your visa extension denied
  3. Please think of anything you have any crime related and get a fine

If you have submitted all the required documents yet, then immigration office will give you some time to submit missing documents


Since 2017, Immigration office denies foreign residents who have unpaid taxes


If you have any crime related and get your visa extension rejected

But you have to stay in Korea longer to set up anything before you leave, then I’d like to recommend you to request administrative trial

It will take time to finish it which means you will have time to set up anything

It could make the immigration office allow you the visa extension if you win the trial


It won’t be easy for foreigner to do alone, therefore I’d like to recommend you to hire an administrative agent ( 행정사 ) , they will help you to achieve what you need

If you want to know more, please visit Hikorea Click


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visa extension rejected Korea
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