Visa Categories

Short Term Visit

  • Visa Exempted (B-1)
  • Tourist / Transit (General) (B-2-1)
  • Tourist / Transit (Jeju) (B-2-2)
  • Short-Term General (C-3-1)
  • Group Tourist (C-3-2)
  • Business Visitor (General) (C-3-4)
  • Business Visitor (Agreement) (C-3-5)
  • Business Visitor (Sponsored) (C-3-6)
  • Short term Visitor (Overseas Korean) (C-3-8)
  • Ordinary Tourist (C-3-9)
  • Working Holiday (H-1)
  • Direct Transit Visa(Air-side)(C-3-10)


  • Short-Term Employee (C-4)
  • Job Seeker (D-10-1)
  • Business Startup (D-10-2)
  • Professor (E-1)
  • Foreign Language Instructor (General) (E-2-1)
  • Teaching Assistant (E-2-2)
  • Foreign Language Instructor (by FTA) (E-2-91)
  • Researcher (E-3)
  • Technical Instructor / Technician (E-4)
  • Professional (E-5)
  • Artist (E-6-1)
  • Hotel and Adult Entertainment (E-6-2)
  • Athlete (E-6-3)
  • Foreign National of Special Ability (E-7-1)
  • Independent Professional (by FTA) (E-7-91)
  • Special talent (F-5-11)


  • Incorporated Enterprise (D-8-1)
  • Business Venture (D-8-2)
  • Unincorporated Enterprise (D-8-3)
  • Technology and Business Startup (D-8-4)
  • Intra-Company Transferee (by FTA) (D-8-91)
  • Big Investor (F-5-5)

Work and Visit

  • Work and Visit (Family Connection) (H-2-1)
  • Work and Visit (Parents/Spouse of D-2 Student) (H-2-2)
  • Work and Visit (By lottery) (H-2-5)
  • Work and Visit (Expired visa) (H-2-7)


  • Korean Arts and Culture (D-1)
  • Industrial Trainee (D-3-11)
  • Industrial Trainee (Technology) (D-3-12)
  • Industrial Trainee (Plant) (D-3-13)
  • General Trainee (Others) (D-4-2)
  • Trainee Chef (Korean Cuisine) (D-4-5)
  • General Trainee (Private Institute) (D-4-6)

Medical Treatment

  • Medical Tourist (C-3-3)
  • Treatment and Recuperation (G-1-10)

Intra-Company Transfer

  • Intra-Company Transferee (Foreign Company) (D-7-1)
  • Intra-Company Transferee (Domestic Company) (D-7-2)
  • Intra-Company Transferee (by FTA) (D-7-91)
  • Contractual Service Supplier (by FTA) (D-7-92)

International Trade

  • International Trade (D-9-1)
  • Technician (Industrial Machinery) (D-9-2)
  • Technician (Ship Building) (D-9-3)
  • Individual Foreign Business Man (D-9-4)

Family Visitor-Dependent Family

  • Cohabitee of diplomat/foreign government official (F-1-3)
  • Spouse/underage children of F-4 Overseas Korean (F-1-9)
  • Parents of international student (F-1-13)
  • Underage children of Korean National (F-2-2)
  • Spouse of permanent resident (F-2-3)
  • Dependent Family (F-3-1)


  • Manufacturing (E-9-1)
  • Construction (E-9-2)
  • Agriculture (E-9-3)
  • Fishery (E-9-4)
  • Service (E-9-5)
  • Coastal Crew (E-10-1)
  • Fishing ship crew (E-10-2)
  • Cruise Ship Crew (E-10-3)
  • Household assistant of diplomat (F-1-21)
  • Household assistant of big investor (F-1-22)
  • Household assistant of high-tech investor (F-1-23)
  • Household assistant of professional (F-1-24)

Study-Language Training

  • Associate Degree (D-2-1)
  • Bachelor’s Degree (D-2-2)
  • Master’s Degree (D-2-3)
  • Doctoral Degree (D-2-4)
  • Research Study (D-2-5)
  • Exchange Student (D-2-6)
  • Korean Language Trainee (D-4-1)
  • Student (Elementary, Middle, High School) (D-4-3)

Journalism-Religious Affairs

  • Short-Term News Coverage (C-1)
  • Long-term News Coverage (D-5)
  • Religious Worker (D-6)

Overseas Korean

  • Overseas Korean (F-4-11)
  • Descendant of Overseas Korean (F-4-12)
  • Former D or E visa holder (F-4-13)
  • University Graduates (F-4-14)
  • Permanent resident of OECD country (F-4-15)
  • Corporate Executive (F-4-16)
  • Entrepreneur of $100,000 (F-4-17)
  • Multinational Company (F-4-18)
  • Representative of overseas Koreans organization (F-4-19)
  • Government Employee (F-4-20)
  • Teacher (F-4-21)
  • Person of Age 60 or older (F-4-25)

Marriage Migrant

Diplomacy.Official Business

  • Diplomacy (A-1)
  • Foreign Government Official (A-2)

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